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fl - 17

Pictures framed ❤️
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Oh my fucking god I love her so much. All the times we spent arguing while we were growing up. All the laughs and the tears. All the birthday parties and Christmas’ at grandmas house. You are just a wonderful human being. I don’t think it’ll ever fully process through my brain that you’re gone. I love you I love you. I was just fucking with you. My last words to you were “I’ll see you tomorrow” this is sick fucking joke. I’m waiting for you to jump out somewhere and laugh at us all and tell us were dumb for crying. You’ll never know how much you’re loved. And my god you were the most beautiful thing on this earth. Bubbles and buttercup lost their blossom today :( Rest in peace, I love you so much Kayli Day Fagundes 💕
Oh my gawd bae 😍 take me back puhleaze

Probably the best night of my life. Panic at the disco is life.


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